Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Diwali and recycled plastic bags at New Park Primary

Lovely workshop this Monday gone with New Park Primary School about Diwali.

Working with Yr 1 and Yr 2 was so lovely. Pupils learnt about Diwali, made henna hands and used recycled plastic bags on an outline of their own hands to create a Diwali light with Adele and Nairouz.

It was such creative fun full of energy and enjoyment! Can't wait to see their corridor display this Friday :-D

Some puppy pics

It's always lovely to have old and young puppies at SOLA, to relax us and share love. Thanks Debbie and Sean for bringing your puppy friends in :-)

Friendship with Roscoe Primary School

We had a great 3 days last week with Yr 5 at Roscoe Primary School, thinking about friendship and being a school of sanctuary.

Working with Adele our lead artist, artists Benyamin and Nairouz helped the children to explore their creatively friendly characters.

Benymain from Iran ran hand and flower making out of clay, the children created their own hand flowers and flower moulds. Whilst Nairouz from Kurdish Syria made recycled plastic bags flowers with the children.

Everyone learnt new languages Farsi and Kurdish to say 'flower' and 'friendship' and there was sooooo much energy and creativity it was brilliant!

Well done Yr 5 :-D


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Thanks for the help Debbie :-)

Thanks Debbie for your help Friday volunteering!

Debbie cleared up about 3 years paperwork that's been waiting for you all this time to sort out. That's why volunteers are soooo precious.

Debbie volunteering as part of the All In One Studio project, whilst waiting for the studio space to open.

Part funded by 

Sean one of our volunteers has collated a great snap shot of FESTIVAL31 this year.

Were you there? Can you spot here to see

Thanks Sean!

Summer playscheme- final Friday of the holidays

What a fantastically bonkers creative session!

Eight families came along and put colour and nature on the walls of the community garden. So much enthusiasm from so many different ages of children and adults many of whom we met for the first time today.

The energy and enjoyment was sooooo good that we've decided add 4 extra mural sessions during September, supported through volunteering to make this space and opportunity the best we can and continue our connections with lots of new families from within our local area :-)

Friday, 25 August 2017

Phew end of Friday again

What a busy day today- Rachael was in volunteering with the finances. Rachael and Tony actually likes doing numbers- Adele our Manager is soooo grateful as she hates numbers ????:-0), the All In One Studio was really vibrant and jam packed with creative people- the first full session in some weeks and a new member, resettlement & housing support was given to one participant who has recently been granted Leave to Remain (fingers crossed he's got a nice room in a good quiet share large house), and of course the Family Playscheme!

How else would you want to spend your Friday? We've no other way we prefe to spend ours :-)