Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Visit to Arena Art Studios- All In One Studio Group

We had a great visit to Arena Art Studios last Wednesday for the All In One Studio group.

Participants were able to explore the realities of being a professional artist in Liverpool and running or being part of a professional art studio space. This helped the group think more about how our own studio programme may look in the future.

A big THANKS to Arena for giving their time and enthusiasm to welcome us in and share their learning over the years.

Some feedback has been;

'This was great to go around a new part of Liverpool. The arts and cultural places we don't normally go to or know about'

'I'm glad I went. I understand about being a professional artists and being part of a studio more now'
'I didn't relaise artists had to work in such small or basic spaces. I thought it would be more sleek and big spaces. It is expensive being a professional artist'

' A practical space where things happen'

' It was really interesting to see that professional artists in liverpool also have to do other full time owrk and they fit in their art as a passion. This is their commitment'

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Digi Art Course as part of All In One Studio

Here is some of the fantastic experiements and creations from people on the Digi Art Training group over the past few months...

Logo development



Samir & John







Some final drafts;

Playing more with Illustrator and Photoshop 


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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

FESTIVAL31 still on the go- Finale next Wednesday

Still things happening for FESTIVAL31 including our Thank You Finale Party at Blackburne House next Wednesday. Check out the events page for more info; 


Summer Family Arts Group- yey here we come, play, fun, sun and creativity!!!!

Summer Family Arts Group is here again. Open to families with younger children in particualr from a refugee background living in Liverpool or local to Toxteth Town Hall, L8.

SOLA is are running crafty play activities 2 days a week through the summer for families and you are welcome to join us!

We will be making a mural in Toxteth TownHall community garden and having some fun with crafty play.

 Contact us for more information.

Funded by MPAC and Liverpool Play Partnership. With support from Toxteth Town Hall and their match funding by JMF and Garfield Weston- thanks everyone!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

All In One Studio update

Great team meeting for the All In One Studio project today.

It is always good to know we are on track giving the right support and being flexible to partiicpants needs.

People we are supporting are moving forward with their goals and personal development and being a part of creativity for this.

So far, so many developments have been explored and experienced by participants including; one person who has never used a computer confidently before has just bought  a computer supported miniture drone and is thinking of buying a tablet and another person is preparing to learn to drive for his own personal freedom and employment opportunities, 

Lots of other areas such as people being part of exhibitions and exploring new creative confidence.

All wonderful arty happenings and skills evolving in the studio project!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Open Arms grant for arty activity for integration!

Thanks to British Red Cross- Open Arms grant for a wee bit of funding towards the All In One Studio- FESTIVAL31 2018 activities bringing people from refugee and the wider communities together.

We don't know what the artists and residents will create but are really excited about this project. This project already gaurantees working towards FESTIVAL31 2018 already before the current festival has even finished!

Staff training for Wargrave House School & College

Nearly the end of another week and looking forward to next week including working with Wargrave House School & College to deliver staff training, 'Art as a therapeutic tool'.

We are super excited about working with a new partner to support young people through an Art Therapy infomred approach and bring to the forefront how creativity can support mental wellbeing.