Friday, 22 July 2011

‘Amnes-tea in the Park’ ; Amnesty’s 50th Birthday (16th July) in Sefton Park

Last Saturday we celebrated the 50th Birthday of Amnesty International in Sefton Park.
 From 12pm to 8pm there was a diverse programme. A lot of different musicians performed at the stage as well as poets and speakers who talked about the Arab Spring and especially about the current situation in Algeria. They also had an film tent, food, and refreshments.
There were many things to do for children like face painting and button making.
SOLA ARTS supported Amnesty International with our own tent where we painted big hands with Arabic henna design and the children also made their own hands out of paper and coffee sticks.
Although it rained pretty much all of the day, we had a great time and a lot of children showed up.
At the end of this event, all people came together in front of the stage with their big and small hands where photographs were taken as a sign for humanity and human rights!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

‘stART up’ Women’s Group Monday at the 11th July

This Monday we progressed well with the 3rd ‘stARTup’ session for the women’s group. The women started to create photographic work towards their articles, and develop IT, digital arts and Apple Mac skills. Other women continued writing their articles and planning.
This time there were 36 and nine children..

SOLA ARTS supports Amnesty International celebrating their 50th Birthday, this Saturday the 16th July in Sefton Park

This Saturday, Amnesty International, one of the biggest human rights organizations in the world will celebrate its 50th Birthday in Sefton Park from 12pm – 8pm. There will be a fun filled day with audiences, speakers, poetry, music, food, massages, bouncy castle, and kids crafts. 
The focus will be on the Arab Spring Uprising and North Africa. Amnesty will bring all sorts of different musicians and presenters talking about persecution.
SOLA ARTS is working in partnership with Amnesty to support this significant event offering films form our Artists in Exile Group, and poetry & story telling from Pa Madou Bojang who will also hold an audience about persecution of Gambian journalists. As well as music from Anwar originally form Somalia, who will play the Oud.
We also will hold workshops for children to paint a large scale set hands using big Arabic design incorporating the Amnesty logo and small hands to take home.
So bring your children and join us. It will be an amazing and interesting day!
The gathering will be in Sefton Parc close to Boating Lake near to the Palm House but if you don’t know how to get there, follow this link:

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cairns Street Market on the 2nd of July

Last weekend we participated again on the Cairns Street Market of Granby Street. This time we did a lot face painting because there were more children this time. The mug decoration also went well.

The weather was great and we had a very nice time together as you can see at the pictures.
The market is every first Saturday in the month in Cairns Street in Toxteth.

So, hope to see you there next time!

New youth programme Sounds of the Street starting in August 2011.

In August we will start a new youth programme, bringing young people from the north end of the city (Everton and Anfield) together with young refugees based in the south end.

The young people will explore and exchange experiences they have had on the streets of Liverpool and the sounds around them, but also including those from their home countries.
The program is divided into three stages.

In the first stage they will get to know each other as well as exchange their ideas and develop skills with audio and digital art.  The creative and experiential outcomes of this stage will be presented on the 21st September 2011.

Stage two will be the planning and writing of a theatre piece, which will lead into stage three being the rehearsal and performance of the piece at a recognised theatre establishment in Liverpool (venue to be confirmed).

The Programme is open to people from 11-19 years old. If you would like to participate in this project, contact us!       

Men’s Group : ‘stARTup’ Project first meeting this Friday 8th July.

This Friday we will start the men’s group for the ‘stARTup’.
This project is for men from the BRM and refugee and asylum seeking communities in particular those who are suffering from or susceptible to mental ill-health.

This is an 11 week programme, where participants will be supported to develop creative skills including weblog set-up, graphics, digital art, journalism, desktop publishing, creative business setup and essential IT skills.

The results will be an online magazine and a printed version exploring issues important to participants and showcasing creative work that they have made.
The first meeting will be this Friday afternoon (8th July 2011) from 2.30 pm onwards in SOLA ARTS offices in Toxteth Town Hall. On Friday we will be creating a meeting timetable, so watch this space.

If you would like to participate in this project, contact us!      

‘stARTup ‘ project Monday 4th of July (Women’s group)

This week we started to develop ideas, began to think about the resources needed, and started to plan the articles necessary for our new newspaper project. There were 35 women and 8 children, 4 volunteers involved and we all had a great time!

There have been some great ideas for the magazine articles including hair braiding, how to make jewellery, fashion, wedding traditions, henna, sewing techniques, women asylum seekers and the issues they face, motherhood, healthy eating and recipes, etc, etc, However, to carry out the project in the way that the women would like, we need your support for donations of different coloured fabrics (especially African fabrics) as well as sewing machine cotton threads, hair extensions for braiding and for the jewellery making we need beads in different sizes.

NOTE: It’s important for us to get donations for this project otherwise we won’t be able to carry it out in the way we have planned. So ,please , if you can, donate something!

Aintree Hospital Diversity Festival from the 16 to 21 of May 2011.

This year we invited to participate in Aintree Hospital Diversity Festival, a week long festival from the 16th to the 21th of May.

On the Thursday, we held a mug decorating and myth busting workshop about refugee and asylum seeker issues in the UK.
Also on this day, Anwar a musician from Somalia played the Oud (an instrument similar to the guitar) for a small performance and to create a lovely mellow atmosphere.

On Friday, Alex a puppet theatre worker, Suren from Sri Lanka, Ngawang from Tibet and other volunteers performed a puppet theatre about the story from Tibet.  

Again there were several music performances by Anwar and by Farshad (from Iran who played Kurdish music on the violin), as well as a poetry and storytelling performance by Pa Modou Bojang- supported by Olinga from Germany and Adele from Liverpool. 

It was a great afternoon and we were joined by some other great performers form Liverpool to entertain hospital staff, patients and visitors. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

‘Outrospective ‘ digital arts Project from February to April 2011 with The Haven Project

From February to April this year, we held workshops with The Haven Project part of Alder Hey Hospital NHS Trust, where we had digital media and photograph workshops with parents from St Silas C of E School in Toxteth and New Park Primary School in Tuebrook, Liverpool.
In this project thirteen parents, two SOLA ARTS facilitators, one facilitator from Haven Project and two facilitators from the Liverpool PCT Community Development Workers Team were involved.
Participants were supported to explore their environment and develop new photography and digital media skills by developing an artistic view on their everyday life.  Another task was to write texts to describe their own photographs.
The result of this work has been a text based photographic book, which was presented at the end of the project within a celebration held on the 21st and 22nd of June. Well done everyone!