Friday, 12 October 2012

Dementia and Visual Arts

SOLA has once again been supported for our dementia and arts work, through funding from Liverpool City Council and Liverpool PCT Grassroots Grants. This project will run from November 2012- May 2013.

We will be starting programmes of activity soon, to support and empower people living with Dementia in Liverpool, from minority communities and residential care settings.

If you know anyone who may benefit from getting involved in a project of this kind, please get in touch;

We will keep you posted of any open groups and projects as they evolve.

SOLA invited by LJMU to be part of Independents Liverpool Biennial

SOLA ARTS has been invited to take part in 'The Mobile Art School: Use Value and Future of the Art School' with LJMU, as part of Independents Liverpool Biennial 2012. Thanks guys!

See our contribution in their manual of useful art when it is published- we'll keep you updated.

Here's our mind map of how SOLA thinks about use-full art, to be included in the manual as part of our contribution...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hello all!

It's been a while!

I hope you all had a fabulous summer doing lots of summery things.

After having a good break ourselves and being scattered all over the place, we're now all back, alive and kicking - and we've already done some fabulously creative community work!

Our first project in September was to make two of the derelict houses in Gwydir and Treborth Street, of the Welsh Streets in L8, look pretty!

Over 2 days (1st and 8th September) we had a lot of fun designing, drawing, painting and creatively improving the two houses and their windows. This has been a brilliant journey of lifting the local environment and putting a focus on these historic streets.

We split the window fronts into window boxes, upper and lower windows and painted murals on the steel shutters.
It all was a joined community effort between local residents, Liverpool City Council neighborhoods, Plus Dane neighborhood team and SOLA ARTS. All together, we had a massive turnout of 55 people who got involved.
  It was a joy working together, and the good weather did the rest to put everyone in a rather good mood.

As a result, Gwydir and Treborth Street now have 2 great looking abandoned properties and SOLA has many new friends :-D

Friday, 11 May 2012

Immigmedia Greenhouse Project

As many of you have been following the Immigmedia Greenhouse Project that one of our Volunteers has been producing with various refugee and asylum seeker organisations over the past year, we thought you may like to come and see this community art project within the Liverpool John Moores University Final Degree Show Exhibition. A poster is provided below with the times and dates for the opening. It is available to the public so anyone and everyone is free to come along and experience some of Liverpool's up and coming artists and the work that they have been producing around the city in a vast and diverse format. 
Some really exciting work being produced, it would be great if you could all come along and see for yourselves. 
If you require a PDF format to pass on to further contacts, please do get in touch and provide us with your email address. 
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Florrie Update

Hello Everyone! 
Thought we would give you a few more glimpses of the work that we are currently doing on a mural for the Florrie that has had a lot of excitement running round the place since the public have been allowed access to the building to see just how amazing all the restoration work has been. Plus they get to have a good nosey at us painting away.
Sadly we can't show you the whole mural as it is not yet complete, it will be soon though so you should get ready for the amazing pictures that we will be putting up shortly. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Today in Sola!

We have currently been working with The Red Cross to get some of the groups involved in creative activities. Over the past few weeks we have come across some really talented artists that have been hiding away. 
When given the right equipment and space to experiment they really have produced some excellent work.
Essi an oil painter that we came across from Iran has been working away for the last few weeks on a variety of paintings. 
Here is an example of some of the exciting work that we are seeing produced within the studio! 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What are we getting upto at the moment??

SOLA has been recently working on a Mural for The Florence Institute that is currently being restored. 
It is truly a wonderful building that is packed with history and character. The work that has been done so far to the building has been great to see and will be brilliant for the community once it is finally opened to the public. 

Many of SOLA's volunteers have been hard at work to paint the mural for the main gym area, a wall that isn't the easiest place to access but each of us are enjoying the challenge. 
Here are a few images of us getting suited and booted for the task ahead! 

Don't worry though, we are still running all of our other projects along side this and have a lot of activity still in our office/studio space. 
A wonderful new oil painter has recently joined us and we will be posting some of the work he does for you all to experience so keep an eye out! 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Immigmedia Greenhouse Project

This week was full of all kinds of creative activities for the women and children to get involved with.  We would firstly like to thank The World Museum who's excellent volunteers came along and created all kinds of crafty, colourful masks and head garments with the group. 
This allowed the women to explore a whole variety of tools and equipment and truly let their creative side shine. 
This would not have been possible without the support of World Museum, who we hope will be coming along to do similar workshops in the future. 

We also had Andrew's music group with the women today who are sounding better and better each week. Hopefully we can get some recordings for you all to hear and see soon!

Also the Immigmedia Greenhouse took up residence within the group again today, where the children decided this was their own little house to play and have stories read to them.

We had a range of activities based around and within the greenhouse, many of the women enjoyed planting their own seeds that will grow and be nurtured throughout the process of this on going project. They will ultimately be brought along to the Liverpool John Moores Degree show where I (Emily Phipps) will be discussing the development of this particular project and the work that SOLA ART does with the general public, they will be able to take the seeds that will have grown by this time and replant them into the plant pots that the women produced out of newspapers a few weeks ago with the topic of immigration captured inside of them and the lingering discussions based around the effect these articles may have on their situation. 
These plants will then be brought back to Kensington Methodist Church for the group to enjoy and help grow on and on.

We are also continuing with the English speaking, reading and writing help that we have previously offered within the group and informing the women of further ESOL classes that SOLA are hosting each week. 
A lot of the women have come on leaps and bounds with their spelling and writing skills. The great volunteers that keep all the children entertained, allow the women to focus on these activities and learning of new skills but ultimately enjoy their time spent in these weekly group sessions.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nowruz Action نوروزکارزار

Nowruz Action
The Persian holiday Nowruz نوروز(―new day‖) is an ancient holiday celebrated on the first day of spring to welcome in the new year. On this Nowruz we want to remember several courageous prisoners of conscience in Iran with Nowruz greetings. We ask you to send cards with simple Nowruz greetings such as ―Nowruz mobarak‖ مبارکنوروز
You can say ―thinking of you at Nowruz time‖ or ―hoping you are well.‖ You may send a greeting in either English or Farsi (Persian) but please do not mention Amnesty International or specifics of the recipient’s case. Please also refrain from mentioning the political situation, human rights or U.S.-Iran relations. We suggest sending cards with pictures of landscapes, spring flowers or the like, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday and the message of hope and renewal. Please do not choose cards that have pictures of people, and please do not use cards that depict bottles of wine or other alcoholic beverages.
Traditional Nowruz celebrations include the preparation of a Haft Sin table which literally means the seven s’s. Seven items beginning with the Persian letter sin (equivalent to the English s) and which represent spring time are set out. To honor this tradition, this year Amnesty International has selected seven cases, all of them prisoners of conscience who have been identified by Amnesty International as ―individuals at risk‖ and are therefore targeted for intensified campaigning. Several of them have been sentenced to long prison terms for their peaceful activism and several are in poor health.
Our previous Nowruz actions have been very successful! Of the seven cases featured in last year’s Nowruz action, four have been resolved in the past year: Mansour Ossanlu and Hengameh Shahidi were given medical furloughs; Emadeddin Baghi was released after serving his one-year sentence and his other six-year sentence was set aside; Kamiar and Arash Alaei have both been released and are now based in the United States. Kamiar and Arash were the subjects of a couple of previous Nowruz actions. They related how they were given a brief medical furlough and went back to the their parents’ house to find hundreds of Nowruz cards sent to them by Amnesty activists and how much that cheered them up and gave them the strength to go on. This action really matters! 

For further details see the link below on how to get involved

Friday, 9 March 2012

Social Network Training

Today a group of our volunteers where involved in a social network training session which was held at Red Ninja Studio's. We would like to thank all the members for taking time out of their busy schedule to help train all of us on how to showcase to you all the broad, unique, exciting projects and work that all of us are producing within a variety of community groups. 

From this opportunity we will be able to broadcast all the work that SOLA ARTS has been devoted to and hopefully allow you to get involved in any shape or form and as little or as much as you are all willing to.  

We have many on going projects to share with you and some commissions creeping up that we will be sure to fill you in on. 
As well as sharing a daily thought for you to ponder on while you check into your profiles. 

We are always looking for more volunteers, collaborations, ethical businesses, charities, commission and fundraising opportunities so please do keep us updated on what you are all getting up to and keep an eye out for all our updates, there is lots of interesting things to come!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Immigmedia Greenhouse Project

 This week the greenhouse was put in place within the group where the women and children got involved with the putting up of the greenhouse and the children played within their very own little house. 
Many of the children got involved in the story telling activities within the greenhouse which brought a great sense of innocence and adventure to the project.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Immigmedia Greenhouse Project

This weeks women's group worked very well and all of the women took part in a variety of activities throughout the duration of the gathering. These activities where based around a range of mediums and purposes that the women thrived and truly engaged with. 
Many of the women have been focusing on their sewing skills and learning how to use the sewing machines over the past few months. The women that have been involved have had no previous experience, yet they seem to be extremely confident and successful with working on the machines provided. Creating items such as cushion covers and clothing, which ultimately can be sold in the future to provide and continue more activities that cultivates the learning of quality skills that the women are entirely creative with. 

With International Women's Day approaching, a group activity was created where the women collectively produced a banner that celebrates this symbolically empowering day. It will be displayed at next weeks group that will be a party for the women to celebrate their active role in society where they are given the opportunity to voice their opinions in a rapidly altered environment from previous generations of oppression. The banner that was conceived throughout the day was an excellent display of the diverse creativity of the women and they were given total freedom to put these ideas into practice and ultimately work as a productive team. 

The Immigmedia Greenhouse project that we have been running alongside these activities creatively flourished this week with a much more engaging involvement of a variety of ages and ethnicities. 
The women and children have moved on to producing flowers out of newspapers within the group and as the workshop moved on, the group of ladies branched off into producing a whole variety of their own techniques and adaptations of beautiful flowers with a whole range of crafty objects. 

Over the next few months, the group with be discussing their own perception of immigration in the media today and the growing emphasis we see in the general public. Hopefully this will lead into the women taking part in creative writing workshops that they can put their english skills to test that they have been encouraged to develop within the group over the past 6 months or so. With the accompaniment of ESOL classes that SOLA are running at Toxteth Library - For further details please do get in touch or we do have information previously 
posted on our blog about dates and times. This will allow the women to voice their personal experiences of taking refuge within the UK and express their perspective freely within society. 
We are all looking forward to next weeks activities and the party of course. We will be posting some pictures up on here for you all to enjoy too! 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Greenhouse Project

This week was interestingly different to last weeks workshop as many of you know, a lot of the children are off school for a week so there was plenty of new little faces attending the women's group. 
It was great to see many of the children getting involved of a variety of ages, and really engaging with the project. 
At present the main focus is the paper mache plant pots made out of news papers which can get messy but the children seemed to really focus and approach their creative side along with many of the women. 
Hopefully we will be beginning the flowers made out of newspaper articles soon enough and the project will really take shape, allowing me to bring in the greenhouse that we will be filling with these media filled flowers.

Friday, 10 February 2012

ESOL Beginners English Lessons!

SOLA ARTS is conducting English lessons starting on Sunday 26th February, 12.30-2.30pm at Toxteth Library! Please contact SOLA ARTS on 0151 726 8440 if you are interested in joining! :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Asylum Growing Press Greenhouse Project

The first workshop held on the 30th of January in the Methodist Church in Kensington was successfully orchestrated. The beginning stages of the project consisted of the women engaging in plant pot paper mache out of a variety of newspaper articles that delivered debate on immigration with the intention of developing discussions between the women within this group that it directly relates to and discussing the effect that these media representation have on the people concerned. 
Many concerns had been voiced previously on the effect that these emerging elements within the media may have on the children of many of the women involved within the group. A concern that effects the detrimental future and progression of immigrants integration within our society and culture. 
It was excellent to see a lot of the children involved in the production of these plant pots that we will continue to produce over the next few weeks. Followed by workshops for creating the newspaper flowers to be displayed within these pots. 
Ultimately we will be building discussions around the articles we find within these newspapers that concern and give a knock on effect that this has on the general publics perception of immigration, refugee's and asylum seekers and creating something positive out of these articles through creativity and speech. Also this will encourage many of the women to use the english skills that we have previously held workshops for, with their use of communication and also their reading skills.