Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hello all,
 SOLA has given me the opportunity to explore and meet lovely people, it would be nice to stay in touch with everyone.
I would mostly be involved with admin stuff, networking and fund raising.
I have a qualification in IMBA(International masters in business administration) which is why I will be working mainly on the admin, networking and fund raising. 


We currently have 14 Volunteers working within SOLA on a variety of projects that are soon to be up and running, some of which are already functioning. 

We are grateful for the help provided from each and every volunteer that we receive and are always looking for new volunteers to get involved, so if you are interested in becoming one of the group then please do get in touch. 

We will soon be sharing with you all the new community projects and art workshops that are to be coming up in the future. 

Start Up Event

Just a little reminder about the event that we held on the 18th of December that was a celebration of cultural diversity.
The event was a great success we had 120 visitors through the course of the day which added to the whole atmosphere and buzz of the event.
All of the workshops and performances were thoroughly enjoyed by our volunteers and the variety of community groups that participated. 
It was certainly a day filled with tastes, smells, music, art and crafts. 
With an event that was so successful, we hope to possibly build more events like this in the future.

 We will also be posting videos and pictures soon to share with you all 

Esol Lessons with Rachael!

SOLA ARTS is planning on setting up beginner's ESOL lessons for Asylum seekers.

The lessons are open to asylum seekers aged 17 or older, both men and women welcome!

The lessons will be held in a community setting in the Toxteth area. Travel costs and child care will not be not provided.

Watch this space for more information! 

Women's Group

Greenhouse Art Project beginning on Mondays during the Women's Group.
First session begins on the 30th of January.
This will consist of discussions and workshops based around the use of media in society and the effects it has on the participants involved.
Get in touch if you may be interested in getting involved.