Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Immigmedia Greenhouse Project

This weeks women's group worked very well and all of the women took part in a variety of activities throughout the duration of the gathering. These activities where based around a range of mediums and purposes that the women thrived and truly engaged with. 
Many of the women have been focusing on their sewing skills and learning how to use the sewing machines over the past few months. The women that have been involved have had no previous experience, yet they seem to be extremely confident and successful with working on the machines provided. Creating items such as cushion covers and clothing, which ultimately can be sold in the future to provide and continue more activities that cultivates the learning of quality skills that the women are entirely creative with. 

With International Women's Day approaching, a group activity was created where the women collectively produced a banner that celebrates this symbolically empowering day. It will be displayed at next weeks group that will be a party for the women to celebrate their active role in society where they are given the opportunity to voice their opinions in a rapidly altered environment from previous generations of oppression. The banner that was conceived throughout the day was an excellent display of the diverse creativity of the women and they were given total freedom to put these ideas into practice and ultimately work as a productive team. 

The Immigmedia Greenhouse project that we have been running alongside these activities creatively flourished this week with a much more engaging involvement of a variety of ages and ethnicities. 
The women and children have moved on to producing flowers out of newspapers within the group and as the workshop moved on, the group of ladies branched off into producing a whole variety of their own techniques and adaptations of beautiful flowers with a whole range of crafty objects. 

Over the next few months, the group with be discussing their own perception of immigration in the media today and the growing emphasis we see in the general public. Hopefully this will lead into the women taking part in creative writing workshops that they can put their english skills to test that they have been encouraged to develop within the group over the past 6 months or so. With the accompaniment of ESOL classes that SOLA are running at Toxteth Library - For further details please do get in touch or we do have information previously 
posted on our blog about dates and times. This will allow the women to voice their personal experiences of taking refuge within the UK and express their perspective freely within society. 
We are all looking forward to next weeks activities and the party of course. We will be posting some pictures up on here for you all to enjoy too! 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Greenhouse Project

This week was interestingly different to last weeks workshop as many of you know, a lot of the children are off school for a week so there was plenty of new little faces attending the women's group. 
It was great to see many of the children getting involved of a variety of ages, and really engaging with the project. 
At present the main focus is the paper mache plant pots made out of news papers which can get messy but the children seemed to really focus and approach their creative side along with many of the women. 
Hopefully we will be beginning the flowers made out of newspaper articles soon enough and the project will really take shape, allowing me to bring in the greenhouse that we will be filling with these media filled flowers.

Friday, 10 February 2012

ESOL Beginners English Lessons!

SOLA ARTS is conducting English lessons starting on Sunday 26th February, 12.30-2.30pm at Toxteth Library! Please contact SOLA ARTS on 0151 726 8440 if you are interested in joining! :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Asylum Growing Press Greenhouse Project

The first workshop held on the 30th of January in the Methodist Church in Kensington was successfully orchestrated. The beginning stages of the project consisted of the women engaging in plant pot paper mache out of a variety of newspaper articles that delivered debate on immigration with the intention of developing discussions between the women within this group that it directly relates to and discussing the effect that these media representation have on the people concerned. 
Many concerns had been voiced previously on the effect that these emerging elements within the media may have on the children of many of the women involved within the group. A concern that effects the detrimental future and progression of immigrants integration within our society and culture. 
It was excellent to see a lot of the children involved in the production of these plant pots that we will continue to produce over the next few weeks. Followed by workshops for creating the newspaper flowers to be displayed within these pots. 
Ultimately we will be building discussions around the articles we find within these newspapers that concern and give a knock on effect that this has on the general publics perception of immigration, refugee's and asylum seekers and creating something positive out of these articles through creativity and speech. Also this will encourage many of the women to use the english skills that we have previously held workshops for, with their use of communication and also their reading skills.