Thursday, 29 August 2013

Garston Park Mural

Remembering the mural SOLA was commissioned by Merseyside Youth Association and Friends of Garston Park to work with local people to create, in collaboration with 2 other local artists from Tag Art and Redberry Arts and various groups in Garston.
This year's lovely warm weather has reminded us of the fun and creativity had whilst creating Garston Park Mural.

The images explore historic and significant landmarks around Garston, creating a landscape of the area. Some groups also created boards that best represent their group's interest in the area. For example the bottom picture shows the local Family History project with a family history tree made of images of hands from the people of Garston for the leaves. Beautifully poetic.

Check it out if you go along Brodie Avenue towards Garston, Liverpool.
The mural goes around the football cages, on the side of the car park next to the Lifestyles centre.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Come on... join us!

Time to deliver plant pot making from recycled paper and natural dyes at Fern Grove Community Garden.

Join us but be quick as it starts at 10am (10  minutes) and runs until 1pm. Seed bombing at the end of the session as our finale...

Monday, 19 August 2013

Eco-art workshops at Fern Grove Community Garden

We had a great time making around 100 seed bombs and moss art on 8th August. Around 30 young people and adults joined in, shared skills, learnt new ways of making environmentally friendly arts and had a good time.

Some seed bombs were thrown last Sunday and the rest lay in wait to be thrown on 27th August!

We also made a moss art sign for the garden. We wait to see if the moss will grow...
We'll keep you posted.

Adios Andromaco and hope to see you very soon!

Unfortunately, we have had to say farewell to one of our volunteers Andromaco as he has returned to Venezuela. BUT, we hope to see him very soon and explore his creative talents in crafts, jewellery and Venezuelan mural painting.
Hope you are doing well back home Andromaco!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Welly Garden

More fantastic pics of the bug box and kite making workshops on Tuesday.

Remember, if you live around Fern Grove or Lodge Lane there is Moss Graffiti, recycled paper pot making and seed bomb making tomorrow...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

An environmentallly inspired work of art for an aspiring young artist

Impromptu art piece created by Adam. He noticed that the weed was coming through the paper cut out and thought, "this is like a piece of art". And it is a piece of art.

An inspired young artist!
Join us next Friday 10-1 and 2-5 at The Welly Garden for Moss Graffiti, Seed bombs and pots made from recycled paper...

The Welly Garden - Environmental Arts Workshops

So glad the weather kept nice for us today at Fern Grove Community Garden (aka The Welly Garden) in partnership with Granby Toxteth Development Trust.

Bug boxes and kites made from recycled wood and plastics. Brilliant fun! 21 little people and 8 adults popping by to enjoy...

Join us for more photo updates of other summer projects at;

WOMAD was boss, now onto environmental art workshops. Join us!

Great fun at WOMAD again this year. New faces and old. Already looking forward to next year!
We'll share some photos with you over this week...

In the meantime, for those young people living by Fern Grove, Toxteth we'll be doing environmental arts workshops over this week and end of August. We're partnering again with Granby Toxteth Development Trust and are ready come rain or shine.

Tomorrow is Bug Box making and kites & parachutes from recycled plastic bags.
Joining us?