Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Art Drop-In monoprinting fun

A great today today and ove rhte past few weeks experimenting with monoprinting.
We shared, we laughed and we had some time reflecting and being with more difficult thoughts and feelings. The images that were made people wanted to share outside of the session to celebrate their skills and confidence...

African Elders Luncheon Club have been busy

We've had 4 sessions now with the African Elders Luncheon Club supporting work around Dementia needs through art and therapy, with additional referral to Art Psychotherapy intervention for carers and people living with Dementia

There has been more laughter every session and people are choosing the challenge themselves which is always positive. Sometimes there is frustration and sometimes elation.
For some people we have now been able to see how would benefit from more intensive Art Psychotherapy support.

Here are some pics of the sessions...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Today's Art for Therapy session with African Elders Luncheon Club

Good session for Liverpool African Elders Luncheon Club today. The elders and carers got a lot from being around the art materials and being with the group. One lady said her mother who has Dementia is asking about coming to the arts sessions regularly and can now remember the group's name, having said the name before coming today. The lady's mother was laughing and comfortable in the group today, painting and joining with others.

This group supported by an Art Psychotherapist is a very good way to identify whether people need more intensive intervention.

Welcome Rima and Mary!

Well we've been working with Rima and Mary for a while now, so we thought we'd share with you who these wonderful ladies are...
Rima is a scouser (although returned from Manchester) and Mary is originally from The Gambia but a scouser now!
Welcome Rima and Mary as SOLA's most recent volunteers;