Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

The SOLA ARTS team wishes everyone a safe and warm New Year Eve. 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Support SOLA ARTS!

Support SOLA ARTS and buy a fabulous scarf! SOLA ARTS art psychotherapist and co-founders mum has donated lots of funky and colorful handmade scarves to help raise funds for participants travel and volunteer expenses!

Interested? Send a message to saying which one you'd like. Large scarves are £8 smaller ones £6 + postage. All funds go back into SOLA ARTS to support participants with travel expenses and other needs. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

SOLA ARTS Co-founder on the panel of Edge Hills Symposium

On November 27th SOLA ARTS co-founder and art psychotherapist Adele attended Edge Hills I4P Symposium to discuss arts, health and culture at Tate Liverpool.

The symposium met to discuss issues around art and culture in the city. The 
fundamental aim of the symposium was to create space for discussion, knowledge exchange and possible future collaboration. And was open to all individuals and organisations working in the fields of arts, health and wellbeing.

Adele On the panel. She says 'It was a great discussion and space to think about what the relationships are between arts, health & culture'.

Wonderful News for SOLA.

A quick blog to say thank you to LCVS for supporting SOLA ARTS with grants to further our transitions program. We can now offer one day a week social and developmental support until September 2016. 

Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Tuesday Group Adventures with Clay

Since Finishing up the painting of Ducie Street the Tuesday art group has been experimenting with storytelling and clay. Looking at all kinds of different unusual skills like how to use materials in a different way, how to put words together to create weird and wonderful poems and how to draw out idea's out of our minds

Plus more traditional art based skills like how to manipulate and mould clay, mixing paints to create different colours and creating texture in their work.

We will be finishing it all up this week before we go for a trip to the Tate next week before we take a two week break! Looking forward to what new inspiring idea's we find in the new year!

Don't Forget we still have some spaces available if you or someone you know would like to join us!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Festival 31 and Looking Forward to the Next Year!

FESTIVAL 31 2015 was huge! With tuns of events happening across the city and lots of discussion had, FESTIVAL 31 2015 was a massive success. Thanks to all the events, volunteers, artists and venues that made it happen! 

Just a small insight into the goings on from this FESTIVAL 31 2015!

In keeping with SOLA's usual tradition we are already looking forward to next year. With meetings already had, idea's already exchanged and even funding already coming in thanks to The Austin Smith Memorial Fund for being the first funder to support FESTIVAL 31 for 2016!  

If you would like to be involved in FESTIVAL 31 2016 either as a funder or to run an event let us know at

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Tuesday Art Drop-In Group at Ducie Street

Our Tuesday group recently spent a few weeks adding to the wonderful art project in Granby on Ducie Street.

Here's the group in week one adding the first layers of colour :).
The Tuesday group meets to explore art making and playing with words while building confidence and skills.

Almost there! Building up pattern and design and the beginning of incorporating words into their work.

Almost Finished! The designs included a juke box and a fruit machine for the two pillars and a landscape of words for the door!

All done :)! To finish it all off everyone had fun splashing all the leftover paint onto the walkway! 
How great to be a part of such a beautiful project bringing together the community and how great is it that the artwork has been shown in the news. Congratulations to the Granby Four Streets project that won the Turner Prize for all their efforts. We are so proud to have been involved. :)

The Tuesday art group runs from 3 'til 5 every Tuesday until June and there is still some spaces available if you'd like to come and join us! :)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Zuki Our New Therapy Dog

We would like to say a big welcome to our newest volunteer- Mr Zuki Mac. He comes in to SOLA every Friday as our new Therapy Dog. It's wonderful what he brings to the Art Therapy group. 

Here he is on way into the office. Looking forward to the project and helping others with his fluffy paws

Welcome Zuki!!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

MOWLL Workshops at John Archer Hall

Fantastic workshops in tie dye scarf making and more ran by SOLA's lead artist and art therapist Adele for Art in Motion and FESTIVAL 31.
Using natural resources and techniques this group made these wonderful scarves, wall hangings and pretty broach charms.

In the first few sessions making dyes from fruit like blueberries and blackcurrants, onion skins and tumeric.

The end result is these beautiful, colourful tie dye scarves and wall hangings with handmade embellishments as well as broaches made from the leftover fabric, making sure to use everything.

The group together showing off their hard work :)

Monday, 10 August 2015

FESTIVAL 31 Bunting Exhibition and SOLA ARTS Drop In: art and writing on a Tuesday

SOLA ARTS drop in group's bunting exhibition at the Joseph Lappin Centre.

During FESTIVAL 31 the drop in created bunting around the idea of freedom along with other workshops held at other events such as the great makers market and SERCO.

The final work is a wonderful mix of peoples journeys and their visual ideas of what freedom means to them.

SOLA ARTS drop in is still running every Tuesday at Toxteth Town Hall, 4 til 6pm.
 If you are interested and want to join us why not get in touch :)

Thursday, 6 August 2015


One of the great events happening during FESTIVAL 31 was the FLASHMOB that happened in Williams Square in the center of Liverpool.
Lots and lots of people got involved with SOLA ARTS to pull this one off, with members of the Peacemakers and Robert Goux's drum circle joining us to make lots of noise and gather attention while SOLA ARTS' Adele and others asked the public to join them in a discussion around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
People wrote down their idea's of freedom, or their personal journey to freedom and then let it loose into the world attached to balloons.
Overall a fantastic and
fun event for FESTIVAL 31 that day

Monday, 3 August 2015

FESTIVAL 31 2015 Commissioned artists

FESTIVAL 31 this year was huge. With over 40 different events happening throughout the city. Here is a look back at some of the things that happened starting with the wonderful work created by the artists we commissioned as part of the festival.

 The artists met several times together to discus ideas and create together. Here is just a small peek of them at work.

 One of the first pieces to come together 'The Leaving', was a piece by Ehsan an Jonathon, the pair constructed this life size boat as well as a emotive sound piece.
You could sit in the boat, listen to the piece and experience for yourself the journey that so many refugees and asylum seekers must take to find a better life.

'The Leaving' was displayed in several places from the launch event at The Brink to The Bombed Out Church in the city. 

'Mappa mundi' and other work created by the artists was also displayed in places around Liverpool including The Rotunda and The Well, a small cafe/gallery on Roscoe Street.

Opposite is Nairouz' work, portraits of warrior woman and their inner 
spirit animals.


'Mappamundi' just a small section of a very large piece telling a story about the Kurdish experience

 Lots of discussion was had by the panel, who gathered at The Well to see the final work and give their thoughts.

At the end the artists gathered together to discuss the whole project, what they'd do differently and overall to have a nice lunch until next time.

The work will hopefully be touring again soon so if you missed it this year look out for it again somewhere in the U.K.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Festival 31 events and updates

We've started putting up all the events we have for FESTIVAL 31, there isn't a lot just yet but more and more will be going up soon.
Keep an eye on the calender for everything thats happening here

Our new new FESTIVAL 31 logo!
There is still opportunities to get involved with this years FESTIVAL 31 to find out all about that head to the website and see the 'Join us' tab for all the info!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Art Studio Drop In Starting Soon

Coming up in June we will have a new drop in art group starting at SOLA that will be ran by volunteers for refugee and non refugee people in Merseyside. During June the drop in group will focus on making art to be displayed for FESTIVAL 31 but we hope it will continue past festival 31. 

The drop in will be by referral.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Revisiting Social Media

Here are some updates on what is happening at SOLA while we get all our different social media issues sorted out

First of all we'd like to introduce our new social media person, Guin, a regular volunter who will now be getting social media organised and update, and keeping you up to date on FESTIVAL 31 over the next couple of months.

We've had a fantastic response to the artist commissions we put out for refugee and non refugee artists to come together and work on an art piece for the festival. We are excited to say we will be announcing the artists chosen to take part in the commission this Friday

As you can see above FESTIVAL 31 has had a new logo. Clicking the image will also take you to the festival website where you can see events, get involved or donate. Bear with us while the festival timetable gets updated over the next week.

This blog will be slowly getting updated with new pages for working with us, a gallery and a list of current events for you to keep up to date with all that is happening here.

Keep checking here

Creative Sharing = Happiness Online Exhibition

Have you seen our recent Creative Sharing = Happiness online Exhibition?
A celebration of inspired creativity by individuals from our Art Therapy and creative learning project.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Moving Facebook content!!

It's been ages since we last posted - and we're now in the process of archiving our past activities.

Look out for posts about our activities from as far back as 2011!!!!

Please like our Facebook page - we will be closing our other pages once all of our content and photos have been transferred over!!!! We don't want to lose anyone when we delete the old pages.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused - Facebook has forced us to change the format of our page.

For now, here's a 'Thought of the Day' from back in 2012!

All refugee children that arrive in the UK are different. Some of them may have enjoyed a safe family life and a good school in the past. Others may have suffered terrible scenes of violence and horror.
But despite their different backgrounds, all refugee children arriving in the UK share new feelings and experiences. Starting life all over again is really tough. Think about how you would feel as a child starting something totally new in a different country?