Friday, 29 January 2016

An Unexpected Visit...

It was lovely to see Alfred, who was one of our original participants, pop in to SOLA ARTS recently with his wonderful wife Catherine. Catherine has finally managed to arrive here from Ghana. They've both been love sick for 2 years and are now finally reunited.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday Art group!

Last week was a great art group! Kenneth creating some interesting poetry, Peter sorting out where the puppets should go and John finishing his free standing mixed media 'Colour Seargant`'

We look forward to what will happen in todays session!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Summer Playscheme for Integration of Syrian and Other Families

Here is a look back at the children's summer play-scheme that was held back in September 2015.
The play-scheme was focused around integration and supported Syrian and other refugee families. 

The play-scheme began with a trip to Liverpool's world museum and the Walker Art Gallery where the kids enjoyed looking at the artwork as well as dressing up as their favorite historical characters.

The next couple of weeks of the play-scheme was centered around creativity, food sharing and lots and lots of fun. There was lots of building and designing using recycled material, mask-making and other crafty fun.


Thanks to Merseyside Expanding Horizons for helping to fund the play-scheme and to Fair Share for food donations. Lots of fun was had, new people met and links made. Here's to future projects and play-schemes.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Syrian Fundraiser Concert at the Liverpool Echo


On the 19th of September Liverpool City Council and comedian John Bishop hosted a large fundraising event at the Echo Arena to raise funds for the Syrian refugee crisis - the 'With Love from Liverpool' event. SOLA ARTS was invited a long to this event where our very own volunteer Nesrin had recorded a message to be broadcast on the night. 

On the day SOLA's team set up in the Echo's foyer with information about SOLA ARTS and to sell some of the donated scarves to support SOLA


It was a lovely evening/night that was had at the With Love from Liverpool event. SOLA ARTS gained new friends and support. Plus £90 was made from selling scarves- thanks to SOLA's manager and Art Psychotherapist's mum for making them!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Christmas Childrens Playscheme with Syrian and Libyan Families

Christmas playscheme: A visit to the World Museum and Liverpool Central Library visit - 

Thanks to MPAC for all your support. Syrian families and one Libyan family have been supported over the break.

We even managed to muster funds to get to Spaceport on the final day!!! Thanks to Nesrin and Ghena Faissal - well done for organising everything. We know it is isn't easy in Syria at the moment and how hard it can be having your mind in two places at once, so thanks for devoting your time to families in need in Liverpool too.  



Monday, 18 January 2016

Help us and Support SOLA ARTS Therapy and Community Projects

You can support our work through a small or a bigger donation through The Big Give. People who pay sole trader/business tax can off set their HMRC payment too...everyone benefits.
All money received goes straight into supporting clients with travel expenses and materials as well as volunteers who give their time to SOLA ARTS. Follow the link to donate now:

Friday, 15 January 2016

Positive Action in Housing

SOLA ARTS has recently been involved with a Scottish charity called 'Positive Action in Housing' and their home for refugees project. Together they have been working to support a client of SOLA's into a stable and warm home while he transitions into building a life for himself here in the UK. 

Now home for refugees is looking to expand out of Scotland and into being UK wide and is on the search for 'hosts' to support their clients. Do you think you Could you provide safety of accommodation for a refugee who is destitute? If you do consider signing up to be a Home for Refugees 'Host'. 

Find out more:

SOLA ARTS recently travelled to Glasgow where SOLA met with the Positive Action in Housing- Rooms for Refugees team when Shumon (Coordinator & Social Worker in our Art Therapy programme) and Kenneth (one of our volunteers) delivered a workshop on November 4th for PAIH.

It was a very powerful and emotional day for the Positive Action In Housing team and Shumon who ran the workshop for the PAIH conference which focused around their hosting refugees scheme which SOLA ARTS is involved in. 

Also on the day Eric Kempson from Lesvos showed one of his films around the situation going on with the refugee arrivals and the horrendous situation there plus the serious losses of life. He spoke passionately and emotionally clearly affected by what he is experiencing and has seen. 

Shumon talking at the conference.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Art Therapy in the Community Project

SOLA ARTS has been a provider of the art therapy in the community project for almost two years now. A 3 year project the art therapy in the community group therapy support is offered for free to those in Merseyside who are from a BME, ethnic, asylum seeker, migrant and generally disadvantaged background who suffer with enduring mental health issues. Groups consist of mixed gender, women only, adults, children and dementia. 

The art therapy in the community project deliver a specialist programme of support by qualified & registered Art Psychotherapists, Social Worker together as well as creative mentors & facilitators with support in:

> Specialist therapy (Art Psychotherapy)
> Social & Development support 
> Youth programmes
> Refugee focused Playschemes
> Volunteering and skilling up opportunities

The provision is offered free with support for travel expenses given thanks to support from Merseytravel as well as other funding support from the CCG.

SOLA ARTS is now back in the office after nearly a 2 week break. Heading straight into therapy, social development support and moving forward for 2016. Why don't you join us and found out more?

SOLA ARTS is an independent and small charity which uses the resources it has to reach out and help those in need as well as creating social projects to bring awareness to the public of the issues and needs of those it helps. You can help SOLA ARTS and the Art Therapy in the Community Project by donating. Donations can be offset against your tax payments and every little bit helps to pay for materials, travel support and the volunteers who give their time to SOLA. 
Follow the link below to find out how you can support SOLA ARTS yourself...

"Art therapy has changed my life- for 15 years I was alone at home, now I travel by taxi myself to therapy and art groups and I enjoy life"

Monday, 4 January 2016

A Visit to the Tate Liverpool

On the 22nd of December the Art Drop-In Group took a trip to the Tate Liverpool for the final group meeting of the year. Looking at the Matisse exhibition as well as the 'Imagined Museum' exhibition exploring artwork in the year 2053. The group also created there own Matisse inspired work while visiting the gallery

The group will be continuing on in the new year!