Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Visit to Tate Liverpool LAssnig and Bacon Exhibitions Sept 2016

2 powerful responses to the Tate Visit for the Lassnig and Bacon exhibitions by the Tuesday Art Group;

We just love MR Charlie when he comes to the All In One Art Studio on a Friday!

We have 2 resident dogs who come to SOLA ARTS; Zuki who is our therapy dog and Charlie who  visits us every so often with Debbie one of our core participants and volunteers.

Charlie's definately feeling more chilled out with us now!!!

In Tuesday Art Group

In Friday studio project with resident Lead Art Therapist Adele

Exhibition at the People's Museum Manchester October 2016

How wonderful to be part of the Ideas Worth Fighting For exhibition at the People's History Museum, Manchester

The Welcoming Banner produced by SOLA ARTS participants back in 2006 commissioned as part of a happening art piece by Humberto Velez for Liverpool Biennial and is being exhibited this month at The People's History Museum as part of an exhibition that Artist Humberto Velez is involved with.


Tuesday Art Group going strong!

Our Art Group which meets evert Tuesday 3-5pm and is supported by an Art Therapist is going really well.

Sheila has been exploring silk painting and making some wonderful birds and decorative scarf work, John has been continuing his drawing of comedians from the past, Kenneth and Glen have been working with words making poetry and prose, Tarek has been able to come and absorb the creativity of the group and settle himself to relax his mind and Joe has been supporting everyone through his enthusiasm and creative commitment to the group as a mentor.
Finally for this post artwork to showcase is Debbie's. Debbie has has been painting away and more confidently posting images of her creative adventures and artwork weekly on Facebook and we'd like to share some with you...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

IDeas worth fighting for

Ideas Worth Fighting For exhibition at the People's History Museum Manchester starting 18th October 2016 includes The Welcoming video and banner commissioned to SOLA ARTS refugee aritsts group back in 2006 by artist Humberto Velez.

How wonderiful it is to be included in this exhibition about redicalism and social change through the arts!