Friday, 23 June 2017

FESTIVAL31 at Tate Exchange and beyond...

This year's festival is going extremely well, with lots of energy, conversation and passion from refugee artists and the wider community in the region.

Today people from refugee backgrounds living in St. Helen's will be visiting Tate Exchange for the penultimate day of the artists exhibition there before the work travels to Alder Hey Foundation Children's Hospital, Joseph LAppin Centre Old Swan and many more places around the city.

If you are travelling to St. Helen's this afternoon by train look out for some spontaneous artwork made by the St. HElen's group in reposnse to their visit to Liverpool!

There have already been lots fo activties and happenings including a talk by Tony about his experiences in El Salavador for Music for Hope, dance workshop today by Movema for British Red Cross and lots more.;

And of course tomorrow is the bog festival celebration event at St. Bride's Church, Liverpool 8.

Hope you can join us over the month :-)

Postcard installaltion responding to 'Belonging means...'

Zine by Between the Borders of photogp[rahs by Rania Ahkhllo and Howard Davies, of Syrian families and their neighbours that has inspired other artworks for the festival

Noel Urbain's version of a safe and creative enviornment represented through a virtual journey

Faith's 'The search for happiness'

Noel Urbain

Installaltion a/v pieve by Farhood

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

FESTIVAL31 launch is nearly here!!!

Join us for the launch of FESTIVAL31 this year. Well the festival actually starts 19th June with a week long exhibition at Tate Exchange, Liverpool ending 24th June.

There are activities happening everyday in the Tate Exchange by the comissioned and resident aritsts from FESTIVAL31.

There is also lots happening throughout the month including the launch event on Saturday 24th at St. Bride's Church with; salsa workshop, food and Iftar goody bags, performances of music and poetry, henna painting and more.



Welcome back Mr Zuki- glad you are in again after a few months break

Mr Zuki therapy dog came in yesterday. He was fantastic, supportive, intuitive and helpful for participants in group and indvidual therapy.

Zuki finds a way to enable people to share difficult emotions and find an inner connection of self care and capacity to experience lovingness. Then when the senses time is right to work on issues presented by the individual(s) in therapy, Mr Zuki finds a place to settle and snoozes.

Just a few of his talents at work

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Artists Mentoring Sessions yesterday- FESTIVAL31

Fantastic energy in the Artists Mentoring sessions yesterday for FESTIVAL31. It is great to see creative minds joining, sharing, experiencing and developing ideas and happenings for the festival and life!

Looks like Dorcas, Faris and Sam had a good space to explore musical creativity and Faris and Dorcas be supported to think more about their music installation and performances during the festival.

Check out the events to see when their work will be at Tate Exchange, the main event and aroudn the city;

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A lovely gift for FESTIVAL31 already

What a lovely picture by Ghena's daughter about FESTIVAL31 :-)

Creative Cooking for FESTIVAL31- yummy!!!!

Meeting with Nesrin, Ghena and Lilian about some yummy contributions from Syrian and Congolese inspired cuisine for our main event on June 24th and our thank you event later on in the festival

YUMMMMMMM! Our tummies are already rumbling :-D

FESTIVAL31 Artists meeting

Great artists meeting yesterday for FESTIVAL31. Commissioned and resident artists met with Artist Mentors at SOLA ARTS. SOOOOO many ideas at final stage were exchanged and inspirations evolved that we are super excited about what is going to happen...exhibition starts at Tate Exchange Liverpool 19-24 June before moving around the city.

Keep posted via the website;

Thursday, 1 June 2017

TransNational Meeting for the Create Arts Therapies project

We had a great meeting in Berlin two weeks ago for the 'Create' European project. All partners came together, therapists, co-facilitators and Project Managers to undertake and deliver workshops and dialogue through creativity and discussion.
We explored and better understood how we can jointly support each other through a Peer Supervision model for the therapy pilots of Arts Therapies for people from refugee & migrant backgrounds over the coming months of the project. 
The two day event brough together professionals from UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy & Sicily to explore and develop towards a Peer Supervision model for transcultural trans-European Arts Therapists.
Looking forward to more activity in this Erasmus+ co-funded project...

Friday, 12 May 2017

Beginning of Photography activties for FESTIVAL31

Howard Davies photographer ( arrived yesterday after several hours on the road. We were all really pleased to see Howard with us again and ready to start workoing on FESTIVAL31 photography activities.

Thanks to Nesrin and her family for the yummy meal and lovely hospitality yesterday with Rania, Howard, Shumon and Adele. This picture proves that Rania does do the washing up ;-D

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

FESTIVAL31 updates

Have you seen what all the energy is at FESTIVAL recently? New volunteers Sean, Tony & Rachael, artists commissions, contributors meetings, new branding image. It's all happening here folks!

Visit the website or the Facebook page to find out more.

Check out the new look logos;

Check out our new website...

We have a website! is now live thanks to all the support from one of our key volunteers Urbain!

It's amazing- only taken us 13 years to get here ;-)

Share feedback of how the site works for you and what you think via our Facebook page

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Thanks again MPAC- another holiday playscheme!

Thanks to MPAC once again we will be running a few days of refugee family focused playscheme activity during the coming school holidays.

We are running park creative picnic days in Newsham and Sefton Park- unless it rains and then we are off to the musuem and galleries- where parents will be supported to create, build, get messy and run around with their children making the most of the sunshine and freedom for wildness that being outdoors brings!

This programme, Nesrin, Ghena and Oeurdia will be running the programme...we will keep you updated! :-)

Monday, 3 April 2017

New volunteers

Two new volunteers Tony and Sean this week. Looking forward to working with you!!!!

A lovely picture of Sean today...

Wonderful Monay!

Great busy day- FESTIVAL31 moving swiftly forward, website nearing being published and new volunteers Tony and Sean 'in the house'! Nice pick of Rachael, Sean and Karen planning for FESTIVAL31 goings on...

Friday, 31 March 2017

All In One prep for next week's new programme

Well today had an extremely vibrant All In One Studio today!

This was the studio's last meeting before the new ESF funded programme begins next week.

We've already expanded by 3 members and its only week 1!

Darren the All in One Studio Volunteer Mentor came and met everyone and set up the first volunteer meeting for next week and two new members took up the offer of a free First Aid Course for refugees next week run by The British Red Cross.

Shumon Farhad the All in One Studio Personal Action Plan Mentor came in after a few weeks having the flu and met everyone who was at the studio today.

All good as an end to the week :-)

Monday, 27 March 2017

And its only Monday...

Wonderful and already buzzing start to the week. It's been non-stop here today talking FESTIVAL31, new volunteers and participant, the website the Urbain is kindly helping with (which looks amazing- see the sneak preview in this image) and Art Therapy.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Rounding off for the week

End of another busy week at SOLA. Just been able to let architect and artist Ranya know about her commission for FESTIVAL 31 this year. It was wonderful to see the happy response.
Also had a meeting with an amazing sculptor originating from Iran and a fantastic All In one Studio day.
Good end of the week!

Debbie's quilling this week

Thursday, 16 March 2017

FESTIVAL 31 update- thanks Arts Council!

Fantastic news today the were have been awarded a small Arts Council grant for FESTIVAL 31!

So we can commission artists again this year- yeppee! We are looking forward to working with old and new artists from the refugee communities in the Merseyside region...

Friday, 10 March 2017

Addition to our space- thanks Rosaria and Lisa!

Rosaria has created a new addition to our entrance area which Lisa one of our volunteers has kindly put up today.

Great work ladies!