Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The 'Create' project is well on its way now!

Day 2 of SOLA ARTS hosting therapists training as part of the Erasmus+ funded 'Create'; Arts/Creative Therapies partnership project for refugees.

Two days in of a full week of activity, we are a little exhausted, very inspired and fully engaged! How wonderful that Art Therapists, Drama Therapists, Dance/Movement Therapist and other professionals working with their proejcts can come toegther, share, explore therapieutic approaches and formulate a pilot therapy project whilst also having CPD training and with people from 6 european countries- wow!


CREATE is an Erasmus+ KA2 Project co-funded by the European Union.

The project runs for 2 years through a strategic partnership of seven Arts, Creative/Arts Therapies and Adult Education organizations from five European countries, working with refugees and migrants through
Creative/Arts Therapies.

Countries involved include Ireland, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

CREATE will use co-production and collaboration to develop training modules and a toolkit for
Creative/Arts Therapists, Therapy Supervisors and services working with refugees and migrants through the Creative/Arts Therapies. Developed by Creative/Arts Therapists these resources will also be accessible to psychotherapists and allied health professionals across Europe.

CREATE includes therapy interventions using
Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Dance & Movement therapy as a foundation for supporting psychological wellbeing people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Together we are constructing a bridge for therapy and professional development in the field of
Creative/Arts Therapies across Europe.

The partners in Create cover a wide geographical span across the European refugee migration belt, which brings a significant dimension to the working partnership.
These countries are representative of the diversity in
Creative/Arts Therapies practice as well as the physical transit that a refugee may take across Europe in search of safety and belonging; Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

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Tuesday Art Group update

Great poem from Joe today in Tuesday Art Group- - such a talented poet!

Created in less than an hour, this poem inspired the group's sharing Chinese New Year fortune cookies brought by Debbie. The poem tickled us and led to conversations about food and sharing through a picnic in the coming weeks instigated by Imran! John brought in milk for us all to have a cuppa with our cookies...

Nice one Joe :-) Nice one Debbie ;-) Wonderful thinking of a picnic Imran :-D Ta for the milk John ;-)

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Meeting with Luciana Berger MP- talking mental health through the arts and Art Therapy

Last Friday we met with Luciana Berger MP (far left on the photo) to talk about psychological wellbeing and introduce her to our work. Next to Luciana Berger MP is one of our core volunteers Urbain, then on the otherside is SOLA's Manager & Lead Art Psychotherapist Adele and on her right is Jacqui the daughter of a lady we support in Art Therapy.

Luciana is involved in many Labour Party and Parliamentary groups and campaigns around mental health and very passionate about the issue of mental health.

We are interested to be a part of those dialogues and spread the word about our work, share some of the experiences people we support and widen understanding and reach of Art Psychotherapy. 

A good first contact was had and we hope to see Luciana again soon :-)