Friday, 31 March 2017

All In One prep for next week's new programme

Well today had an extremely vibrant All In One Studio today!

This was the studio's last meeting before the new ESF funded programme begins next week.

We've already expanded by 3 members and its only week 1!

Darren the All in One Studio Volunteer Mentor came and met everyone and set up the first volunteer meeting for next week and two new members took up the offer of a free First Aid Course for refugees next week run by The British Red Cross.

Shumon Farhad the All in One Studio Personal Action Plan Mentor came in after a few weeks having the flu and met everyone who was at the studio today.

All good as an end to the week :-)

Monday, 27 March 2017

And its only Monday...

Wonderful and already buzzing start to the week. It's been non-stop here today talking FESTIVAL31, new volunteers and participant, the website the Urbain is kindly helping with (which looks amazing- see the sneak preview in this image) and Art Therapy.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Rounding off for the week

End of another busy week at SOLA. Just been able to let architect and artist Ranya know about her commission for FESTIVAL 31 this year. It was wonderful to see the happy response.
Also had a meeting with an amazing sculptor originating from Iran and a fantastic All In one Studio day.
Good end of the week!

Debbie's quilling this week

Thursday, 16 March 2017

FESTIVAL 31 update- thanks Arts Council!

Fantastic news today the were have been awarded a small Arts Council grant for FESTIVAL 31!

So we can commission artists again this year- yeppee! We are looking forward to working with old and new artists from the refugee communities in the Merseyside region...

Friday, 10 March 2017

Addition to our space- thanks Rosaria and Lisa!

Rosaria has created a new addition to our entrance area which Lisa one of our volunteers has kindly put up today.

Great work ladies!

All In One Studio- new programme starts April 2017

Creative and learning opportunities in the All In One Studio?

Are you 18 or over and live in Liverpool? From a refugee, black or ethnic minority background? Or unemployed?

Then read on...

Thursday, 9 March 2017


We have a few sessional vacancies for our new ESF funded programme as part of the All in one Studio.

These posts are only a few hours a week but worth contacting us if you are interested.

The project runs April-December 2017 with an initial team meeting March 21st 2017.

Contact for Job Description and Person Specification. Applications by covering letter and CV.

Deadline for applications is 17th March 2017.

  • Art Therapist – Emotional Intelligence and Creative Skills Coach;    £180/day x 34 days 
  • Personal Action Plan Mentor;   £30/hour x 2 hrs/week x 34 weeks
  • Sessional Learning Mentor (digital arts & ecommerce skills);    £30/hour x 3hrs/week x 34 weeks
  • Volunteer Mentor;   £30/hour x 2hrs/week x 34 weeks
  • Creative Learner Support;   £20/hour x 2.5hrs/week x 34 weeks
  • Admin Support  £30/hour x 1.5hrs/week x 39 weeks

This programme is funded by ESF and administered by WEA


Our Women's Day

International Women's Day came and went. This year we didn't do anything special, simply being here was enough.

SOLA ARTS has the privilege of working with and supporting very strong women and girls who have been through significant traumas in the lives and yet still inspire us every day.

Yesterday was special enough to chat with Nesrin and Karen and other women in our lives, support women in our therapy service and share life together.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

It's amazing what a cuppa, a cookie, some chocolate can inspire when we share toegther through creativity

Yesterday's Art Therapist and Creative Writer supported Tuesday Art Group gave space for reflection on how we are 'designed' by nature, social circumstance or our own concious decision making, as well as the connections between heart and mind.

All inspired by fortune cookies, a cuppa & a chat and not forgetting the chocolate biscuits!

The cookies that started our minds wandering

Image by Adele- Tuesday Art Group, Art Therapist