Tuesday, 11 April 2017

FESTIVAL31 updates

Have you seen what all the energy is at FESTIVAL recently? New volunteers Sean, Tony & Rachael, artists commissions, contributors meetings, new branding image. It's all happening here folks!

Visit the website or the Facebook page to find out more.

Check out the new look logos;

Check out our new website...

We have a website!

solaarts.org is now live thanks to all the support from one of our key volunteers Urbain!

It's amazing- only taken us 13 years to get here ;-)

Share feedback of how the site works for you and what you think via our Facebook page

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Thanks again MPAC- another holiday playscheme!

Thanks to MPAC once again we will be running a few days of refugee family focused playscheme activity during the coming school holidays.

We are running park creative picnic days in Newsham and Sefton Park- unless it rains and then we are off to the musuem and galleries- where parents will be supported to create, build, get messy and run around with their children making the most of the sunshine and freedom for wildness that being outdoors brings!

This programme, Nesrin, Ghena and Oeurdia will be running the programme...we will keep you updated! :-)

Monday, 3 April 2017

New volunteers

Two new volunteers Tony and Sean this week. Looking forward to working with you!!!!

A lovely picture of Sean today...

Wonderful Monay!

Great busy day- FESTIVAL31 moving swiftly forward, website nearing being published and new volunteers Tony and Sean 'in the house'! Nice pick of Rachael, Sean and Karen planning for FESTIVAL31 goings on...