Thursday, 30 November 2017

All In One Studio outreach

A fantastic 1st session today with mothers and children at Granby Children's Centre. We were working with mothers to develop their creative play skills and explore how they can support child development through crafty & messy play as well as learning new creative skills and wokring towards biscuit making and decoration.
We were measuring hands, planning for edible biscuit making and messy crafts- for our All In One Studio December outreach programme.

3 more sessions to go! 



Wednesday, 22 November 2017

All In One Studio goes...edible!

We are looking forward to working with Granby Children's Centre over the coming weeks for some edible treats & creative fun with parents.

Another fantastic way of exploring creative skills and the (yummilicious) benefits this can bring.


Contact Granby Children's Centre to find out more...


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Memories of Palermo- living the dream almost ; coffee, cake, sun and some extremely intensive days of Art Therapy focused work

A few memories of our time last week in Palermo...working, exploring and sharing with new and older friends from the field of Arts Therapies in Europe.

Only 12 months left now on the Create project... we look forward to developing new partnershpis for future projects to support those most in need


Just back from Palermo in Sicily after a few days exploring the Create porject and Arts Therapies for refugees in Europe;

And full into this week with lots of activity evolving form over the past months ;

Thanks to Liverpool One Foundation for supporting our Family A.R.T (Art.Therapy.Reflection) pilot project with New Park Primary School! Watch this space forupdates...

Thanks to MPAC and Liverpool Play Partnership for again supporting our Refugee Family Playscheme during the October school holiday.

Great stuff going on with the Sharing project and Studio group throughout the week:

And orgainsing with Mary Seacole House and Granby Children's Centre to delivery arts & crafts workshops for their service users as part of our All In One Studio project outreach :-)